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My Tower of HopeThis publication has been available to the public since September 2008..

This is a set of poems written originally in Serbo-Croatian, 100 years ago, by Martin and Mirash Ivanaj, when the two brothers were students in Belgrade. The poems were published in the literary magazines of that time.

Orders can be placed now; however, a minimum contribution of $7.00 is requested for each copy of the book. For the tax-deductible portion of your contribution a receipt can be furnished upon request.


This publication originates from the discovery 10 years ago, made by an Albanian Professor of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Petrit Imami, of a collection of writings in the Belgrade National Archives by the two Albanian brothers Martin and Mirash Ivanaj.

The booklet contains 34 poems, which were translated into Albanian by Prof. Pjeter Dreshaj, resident of Montenegro. He prefaces them with details and insights that only a relative of the family could offer.  They vary in subject and expression of feelings, from the joyful experiences of young love, to the sadness of leaving home at an early age, to the sorrow about the loss of a family member and of a beloved teacher.

In the introduction, Drita Ivanaj, daughter of Martin, provides the historical background about how this project was realized together with a supplemental translation into English of seven of these poems, which was made possible thanks to the collaboration of a number of other individuals that live in the United States, Albania, and Ireland.

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