• Ivanaj Brothers’ Biographies
    Martin and Mirash Ivanaj were the youngest of 8 siblings born to a well known family of the area known as Malësia of Shkodra since the time that it was part of the Ottoman Empire. Their father was Dodë Ivani Ivanaya, a wealthy land owner in Beqaj which belonged to the Tribe of Triepsh. Their mother, Zogë Nickea (Eoghe Nickine), was born in the Tribe of Grudë. Having been politically persecuted and condemned to death by the Turks, Dode relocated his family to Podgoriça, together with his brother Leka, around 1882.
  • Archival Documentation
    Some documents of the Ivanaj family are preserved by the Albanian government in the National State Archives in Tirana. They consist of dozens and dozens of dossiers for both Dr. Martin Ivanaj and Prof. Mirash Ivanaj, amounting to thousands of documents, which were cataloged and microfiched on Fuji film in 1988, when Albania was still isolated from the rest of the world.
  • The Library (past and future)
    In the 1930’s Martin and Mirash Ivanaj built a priceless private library within their home in Tirana, since there were no public institutions of that type in Albania at the time.
  • The Properties
    After several years of questionable political and juridical entanglements and a final, incredibly frenzied month spent to work out last chaotic procedures, Drita Ivanaj, legal heir of the Ivanaj properties in Tirana, was finally able to take physical possession of her ex-residence and land in this capital city on June 5th, 2009.
  • Giuseppina Pogliotti Ivanaj
    The marriage of an Albanian young man with a foreign girl and vice versa was not a coincidence.  History has shown that there have been many marriages at high levels of society, to create new friendships, to make alliances, to ensure peace or protection. In newer times the concept of marriage has changed based on moral and legal equality, feelings of love, respect and understanding.  Based on the principles of its function, the duties and obligations of couples are now combining thoughtful and spiritual connections.  Such was the marriage of Dr. Martin Ivanaj with Prof. Giuseppina Pogliotti. Their union was a perfect combination.