The Ivanaj Foundation prides itself on an “open-door” policy; a concept that is unique in the Albanian NGO field where tasks are sometimes completed with little transparency or community input. 

With the building of our new office in Tirana scheduled to be completed in the next two years, we are looking forward to greater space where a library containing hundreds of books in three different languages and a meeting/conference room, replete with all the necessary technology will be available and open to the public.  Our ultimate goal is to create a cultural center where students, researchers as well as general members of the community can come to network, volunteer, study, exchange ideas, hold meetings and even organize and plan their own projects with our support.

As far as we are concerned, no Ivanaj Foundation projects should be designed for the sake of obtaining funding!  Our organization’s culture is geared towards creating projects based on careful research; those that maximize on local and free resources such as volunteers and promote “thinking outside of the box” for unique and sustainable solutions that can best solve the challenges at hand.

Reference Letter by William E. Ryerson, Ambassador of the United States of America  Read PDF

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