Our newest (unique for Albania) endeavor

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Technology for all ages

In the fall of this year we are launching in Tirana a special program of our own named “Senior Technology Club” (STC), for which we also need your help.

Our goal is to provide support to the seniors’ society group through the empowerment of its relational skills and competence, and the opportunity of getting this marginalized sector of population more involved with the community by interacting with its youth.  The long-term effect of creating an active  bridge between the senior and the younger generations, to share and exchange life experiences and improve technological information, can produce ‘unrealized gains’ to both groups and evolve in a more  collaborative, educated, and cultural society in Albania.

Details are available here within our website, where you can also process your donations in more than one way.  An additional method of payment is now also available in our Facebook Fundraising link, which we ask, for those of you more active in this media, to share with your friends, and invite them to join you in this undertaking.

Any amount is appreciated in reaching our set goal. With your help we will be able to create something very much needed and, at the same time, sustainable for the years to come.

Author: Drita