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Advancing Education and Knowledge for the future of Albanian Youth

​What We Do

Cultural Preservation

Cultural Preservation

​We aim to preserve and promote Albania's cultural traditions and history.

Educational Training

Educational Training

​We aim to provide a wide range of educational activities and resources.

​Business Incubation Hub

​Business Incubation ​& Innovation Hub

​​Are you interested in taking your business concept from paper to the market, but not sure where to start?

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​Find out how your financial contributions can make a greater impact.

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​Where We Are

​​​​The ​M & M Ivanaj Foundation Institut ​offers a wide variety of functional areas and spaces ​for ​various events and activities​.

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​What others are saying about us...

William E. Ryerson Ambassador of the United St ates of America (Retired)

These sister foundations share a common mission: to advance education and culture in and about Albania. It has been my privilege to follow their development for two decades now, starting during my tenure as the first U. S. Ambassador to Albania and continuing during a personal visit to their Tirana Headquarters last fall. The sustained efforts – and impressive results – exceed the achievements of most other such undertakings.

It took far too long to make them into the fully functional operations they are now, hindered by legal and financial constraints (not to mention obstructionism by entrenched remnants of the ousted communist regime). The endless dedication and motivation of their founder, Drita Ivanaj, and the handful of people she has inspired to help her, have prevailed and the Foundations are now active and will continue to offer additional news about their progress and programs through this site.

Such NGOs providing crucial services are only as good as the motivation and dedication of their staffs, and measuring on such a scale puts the Ivanaj Foundations at the top. Aside from what they have already accomplished, and the further planned projects, the forthcoming Foundations’ headquarters in Tirana will soon offer much needed services to the public: a library for researchers and student, a place for meetings, to study, to network, and to exchange ideas globally via computer links, all located on the Foundation’s own premises. This ‘cultural center’ will be a hub of activity pursuing the Foundations’ mission, the first of its kind to operate in Albania.

I both endorse and support the work of these Foundations because I have seen the great work they have done so far and their potential to continue to do so in Tirana. I encourage each of you to join me however you can, whether through direct financial support, or in-kind or pro bono contributions to advance education for all these citizens of our NATO ally. These Foundations notably treat equally all comers regardless of their ethnicity, gender or political or religious affiliation.

Published: Sep. 2013

Zadrima Ndihmë Ligjore

Great colleagues to work with! Thank you for your warm welcoming and support!
Studio D - Development & Dialogue

March 6, 2018

Johnny Siman

Great place to carry out activities aimed at Albanians from all backgrounds and ages. As a center that is focused on providing exceptional experiences in anything related to education, culture, science and technology, this is probably one of the best in all of Tirana. Fantastic, super-friendly staff with a superb facility filled with high-tech equipment that makes teaching and learning quite an experience! I cannot recommend The Foundation enough!

April 19, 2018

Benson Begaj

Collaborative, positive, dedicated & friendly staff. Thank you for supporting the youth of Albania!

March 17, 2018